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Different video adapters are available that are used for different resolutions and reasons. From component cables to HDMI cords, there are many ways to transport video signals to your television, monitor or projector. Some adapters provide a better image than others, depending on your needs.

With video adapters for DisplayPort™, Mini DisplayPort™, HDMI®, VGA, USB-A, USB-C™ and Thunderbolt™ 3, you can be confident we have the perfect solution to connect your device to any monitor, television or projector.

Compact, durable construction, for a portable yet powerful external video solution

Support for high-definition (1080p) or 4K and 8K video output, for graphics-intensive applications

Video Adapters

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Our data products cover virtually every communication application. They are the ultimate solution that will not only meet your current requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

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