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These Cat 6 ethernet cables provide superior performance in high density areas with a 3.5mm OD cable and thin boot design. This quality copper network cable is great for data centres and telecommunication environment installations.

Super Slim Cat 6 Patch Lead features very small diameter(OD) at 3.5mm and very flexible. Consists of unshielded 8p8c RJ45 male connector on each end and 4 twisted pairs 30/7 AWG(7/0.10mm) bare copper wires, PVC or LSZH jacket. It is typically used for Gigabit Ethernet network connections such as patch panels, switches, computers and routers. It’s ultra-thin cable design works perfectly in high density server room applications. All cables are 100% tested to pass a standard Fluke CAT 6 Cord Test.

RJ45 plug - RJ45 plug-Cable diameter 3,5mm-Unshielded-Gold plated contacts-Max. transmission rate: 1 Gbit/s

Don’t settle for less than the best—enjoy better signal quality and faster transmission! These Cat 6 Gigabit Moulded Slim Patch Cables ensure ultra-fast performance throughout your local area network application. Cat 6 cables (also called network cables, patch cables, computer cables, Ethernet cables and LAN cables) are used to connect components like printers, computers, copy machines, routers, servers, modems, switches and Cat 6 audio/video products. The cable is manufactured to exacting specifications, using superior materials

High-Quality Copper Wire and Gold-Plated Connectors

Manufactured from 30/7 AWG 4-pair stranded copper, these cables provide high-speed connections and flawless signal delivery while keeping near-end crosstalk levels to a minimum. These cables can deliver speeds up to 550MHz/1 Gbps. Featuring a PVC jacket, these Cat6 Gigabit Moulded Patch Cables are constructed of top-quality materials for long life and durability. Its RJ45 (male) connectors are gold-plated to ensure an accurate signal transfer. These cables have moulded integral strain-relief for a secure connection. These cables meet the most current industry standards, including IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.5, ANSI/EIA/TIA 568, ISO/IEC 11801 and ETL (category 6)

The Smart Solution for Networking in Tight, Confined Spaces

These Cat6 Gigabit Moulded Slim Patch Cables are the ideal solution for connecting high-speed network components like computers, printers, Internet-enabled gaming systems and Blu-ray players, copy machines, routers and modems in a home or office application.

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CAT 6 U/UTP  SLIM Patch Cables

Slim Patch Cables For Tight spaces

Outside diameter 3.5mm

Outside diameter 6.0mm

Standard Cable

Slim Cable

CAT6 Network Products

To complete your CAT6 network we carry a full end to end solution including CAT6 Shielded bulk cables, CAT6 Shielded modular plugs, CAT6 Shielded keystone jacks, blank Shielded patch panels, CAT6 Shielded patch panels, and wall plates. We also have a large assortment of tools, testers and cable management accessories that will help make your installation fast, smooth and organized. If you have any questions please email us below.

Our ultra slim CAT 6 Premium unshielded twisted pair patch cables are perfect for Ethernet applications. The slim size of these CAT 6 cables makes it easy to work with and flexible to make installation easier. The smaller size diameter will save room on your server and improve overall air flow to the areas around it. Our choice of three colours make cable management an easy task . Our cables are capable of handling any network installation and are backwards compatible with Cat5e systems. .

30/7 AWG Cable Diameter 3.5mm | 250MHz Max Bandwidth | 1 Gps 1/100/1000 GBASE-T

CAT 6ACAT 6 FlatCAT 6 90 DegreeCAT 6 CrossoverCAT 6 SlimCAT 6CAT 7CAT 7 FlatCAT 8CAT 8.1CAT 6A H FCAT 6A Outdoor