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Digital Video connectors are used to deliver the highest quality video signal.

The technology uses TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) to transmit large amounts of digital data from the source to the display, resulting in a high-quality image.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) was developed by the industry body DDWG (the Data Display Working Group) to send digital information from a computer to a digital display, such as a flat-panel LCD monitor.

HDMI took a step forward by integrating audio and video into a more compact interface. DisplayPort is an interface technology that is designed to connect high-graphics capable PCs and displays as well as home theater equipment and displays. DisplayPort is similar to HDMI in that the DisplayPort signal carries both digital audio and video.

BNC Connectors

SMA jack, PCB mounting

BNC plug – RG 174 U - crimp type

BNC plug – RG 58 U - clamp type

BNC video plug, solder or screw type

BNC plug, solder and screw-type, full metal

MPN: VR998612

MPN: VR998798

MPN: VR9988002

MPN: VR998801

MPN: VR9988011

BNC - Plug RG 59 U, Crimp 75 ohm

BNC plug – RG 59 U - clamp type

BNC plug and RCA socket

BNC plug to BNC plug

BNC socket to BNC socket

MPN: VR9988021

MPN: VR9988022

MPN: VR998804

MPN: VR998805

MPN: VR998806

BNC socket – RG 59 U - twist on type

BNC socket – RG 58 U - crimp type

BNC socket – RG 58 U - clamp type

BNC jack – RG 59 U - crimp type

BNC jack – RG 62/u crimping type

MPN: VR9988072

MPN: VR9988073

MPN: VR9988075

MPN: VR9988076

MPN: VR9988077

BNC socket, panel mounting

BNC socket, bulk head mounting

BNC terminator plug, 50 Ohm

BNC terminator plug, 75 Ohm

BNC plug – UHF socket

MPN: VR9988081

MPN: VR9988082

MPN: VR9988091


MPN: VR9988811

BNC plug – IEC plug

BNC plug – IEC socket

BNC socket – F socket

BNC socket – IEC plug

BNC socket – IEC socket

MPN: VR998812

MPN: VR998813

MPN: VR998814

MPN: VR998815

MPN: VR998816

BNC socket – RCA plug

BNC plug – RCA plug

3 BNC plugs – T-type

1 BNC plug and 2 BNC sockets - T-type

1 BNC plug and 2 BNC sockets - L-type

MPN: VR998817

MPN: VR998818

MPN: VR998819

MPN: VR998820

MPN: VR9988201

1 BNC plug and 2 BNC sockets - Y-type

BNC adaptor 90o plug – socket

N socket, panel mounting

1 BNC plug and 2 BNC sockets - T-type

N socket to N socket

MPN: VR9988202

MPN: VR998822

MPN: VR998865

MPN: VR998869

MPN: VR998872

N socket to BNC socket

N socket to F plug

N-plug to 2 N-sockets

TNC plug - RG 58 U - crimp type

TNC plug - RG 58 U - clamp type

MPN: VR998875

MPN: VR998876

MPN: VR998880

MPN: VR998885

MPN: VR998851

TNC plug - RG 59 U - crimp type

TNC plug - RG 59 U - clamp

N socket to F plug

TNC socket - RG 58 U - crimp type

TNC socket - RG 59 U - crimp type

TNC plug - RG 58 U - clamp type

MPN: VR998886

MPN: VR9988861

MPN: VR998888

MPN: VR998889

MPN: VR998893

UHF socket – bulk head mounting

UHF socket – panel mounting

UHF dual female socket to socket

UHF plug and BNC socket

UHF plug and RCA socket

MPN: VR998928

MPN: VR9989281

MPN: VR998931

MPN: VR998933

MPN: VR998935

Whatever Video cable or connector you require


UHF plug to UHF socket 90o

1 UHF plug to 2 UHF sockets, T-type

3 UHF sockets, T-type

MPN: VR998939

MPN: VR998942

MPN: VR998944

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